Our magazine was founded to give writers the opportunity to share their poetry and fiction with a large, interested readership. We want to help writers to get published and experience what it means to have people read their work. As we see it, there are a few essentials that all interested writers should be aware of before submitting anything to us.

  • We do not pay to publish any poetry, fiction or illustrations submitted to us. We are simply a platform for showcasing new writing and art. What we provide is an opportunity to get your poetry, fiction or artwork published and out there to the general public, which we hope will be of invaluable benefit to you in the future.
  • Although we strive to promote the best in Irish fiction and poetry, we are just as happy to consider submissions from writers outside of Ireland.
  • We are not all about the profit. This means that we can publish poetry, fiction and art without a view to whether it will make us money. All we care about is artistic merit, not whether your submission is commercially viable.
  • We like challenging, we like edgy and we like different.
  • We judge each submission on basic criteria - is it well-crafted and did it make an impact on us?

Please read this section carefully before you submit. If you do not stick to the guidelines it may affect the chances of your submission being given the attention we would like to give it.

  • All poetry and fiction submitted to us must be original. Your work must be your own and previously unpublished.
  • We only publish fiction and poetry.
  • If you have more than one poem or story that you would like us to consider for publication, feel free to send us up to five at the same time.
  • We aim to publish short stories and poems in their entirety. If your poem or fictional story is under 5,000 words in length, please submit the entire text to us for consideration.
  • We aim to publish longer works of fiction in instalments. If your fictional story is over 5,000 words in length, please send us the first 5,000 words for consideration.
  • We accept poems and fiction aimed at all ages.
  • If you are based in Ireland or your writing is focused on Irish themes, we will look upon it favourably.
  • You will receive an automated email confirming your submission has been received. We will send a further email if your submission has been chosen for publication. We are sorry that we cannot reply to any unsuccessful submissions as we want to spend our time concentrating on reading the large volume of works we receive. Replying to everyone is a massive job that we do not have the resources for at the moment.
  • We cannot publish everything. If we do not choose to publish your poetry or fiction it does not mean that it is not good - it is just that we did not think it would be right for our magazine at this moment in time. Please do not take it to heart and please do not give up.

We only accept submissions via email. Please submit your work to submissions@therosemagazine.com