By Billy King


Pulled up my deckchair and unfolded
It upon Will Gompertz crown
Built castles of dandruffed skin and
Furrowed toey patterns upon his scalp
Hollered Tarzan call and swung
Primate from flowing lock to lock
A trapezing midget in
Jungled mullet, a sight to shock
Up lobed ladder, climbed aback my perch
Gripping rugged rungs of cartilaged ear
Rolled up my trouser legs and
Paddled feet in wavy brow
Picnicked upon brightly coloured frames
Panoramic vistas, could only wow
Kaleidoscope of cultured spaces
Serpentine, Barbican, Tate views
Opera, theatre, latest book review
Hot nights of ballet, concert, jazz
Wonderful! Original! Y.B.A.'s!
Hirst, Emin. All one big play
Canapés and ducking dive from
Flying champagne corks
When that door closed and
He bolted it shut
I laughed with Good Will
Sighed his day complete
And muttered
"What utter bollix"



Billy King is from Tuam in County Galway. He lives in Galway City with his wife, two kids and dog. He writes poetry and prose (tries). He has been longlisted for the Over The Edge new writer of the year.